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Technology Hub

*Call for papers is closed

The Technology Hub, held at the TESOL COLOMBIA IV conference, is an opportunity to have a taste of what others do at their institutions. You will be struck by catchy and innovative ideas that you can easily incorporate into your teaching context. This is a great space to network, share ideas build relationships to stay up to date with EdTech for ELT. Get ready to meet enthusiastic peers who believe that technology enhances learning and teaching.

National Geographic Learning

Cambridge Assessment English

Macmillan Education
• Sample units
• Demo accounts
• Professional development free courses
• Live conversation with the experts
• One on one technology experience hub
• Contest

eKidz.eu GmbH
eKidz.eu App- personalized language learning English program
1. The importance/power of visuals for enhancing language production (in a foreign language)
2. Topic-based language instruction through immersive language exposure
3. Story telling as an impromptu play



Greensboro College

Encyclopædia Britannica
Britannica School
- Academic intro and background on Flipped Classroom
- ‘New normal’ challenges
- Flipped Classroom practices and examples
- Flipped Classroom Digital resources

Britannica LaunchPacks
How technology meets classroom needs
-Britannica LaunchPacks

Cambridge University Press


Learning English through Video Games - Keeping Students Engaged and Educators Informed