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Call for papers

You are cordially invited to submit a presentation proposal for this year’s conference to be held at Universidad de La Sabana campus in Chía, Colombia on 18–20 August 2022. This year’s conference focuses on Phygital ELT, the union of Physical and Digital, which describes blending digital experiences with physical ones. Specifically, Phygital is about integrating the best of the physical and digital world to create a dynamic communication ecosystem between the user (learner) and the product (education).

The call for papers is concerned with areas related to:

  • ELT methodology and approaches
  • Professional Development
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Digital Learning and Technologies
  • Intercultural Education

Proposal considerations

Proposals will be considered as such:
Presentations can either report on results from original empirical or analytical research, including reflections or critical commentary on topics in the field based on classroom-based experience and/or theoretical considerations.

  • 45-minute paper presentation (2 presenters max.).
  • 60-minute workshop (3 presenters max.).

TESOL Colombia provides audiovisual (A/V) equipment in each session room: LCD projector, projection screen, and computer.

Proposal requirements

Proposals must include the title for the proposed presentation, the name(s) of all associated presenters, the name(s) of their institutions (independent scholars may enter “Independent Scholar”), brief (maximum 50-word) biographical statements for all associated presenters, and an email address for the corresponding presenter (institutional email addresses are preferred), and a 300-word (maximum) abstract.

Abstracts must be structured to mirror the structure of the proposed paper. Abstracts for papers reporting on empirical research must follow the IMRaD format (as must the presentation itself), i.e., they must clearly indicate the topic/problem studied, the method(s) used, the main results, and the principle significance(s) of these results.

Abstracts for papers reporting on analytical research must clearly present the main argument/thesis of the paper and principal conclusions. Do not include citations/references, unexpanded abbreviations, figures, or tables within or accompanying the abstract. Ensure that you adhere to these requirements.

We hope that you will accept this invitation to participate in the TESOL Colombia V conference of 2022. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the email address tesol.colombia@unisabana.edu.co


Deadline: 29 April 2022