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Andrés Ruzo is a geothermal scientist, conservationist, educator, host, author, and science communicator best known for his work at the Boiling River of the Amazon. He holds degrees in Geology and Finance, and will soon finish his Ph.D. in Earth Sciences focusing on Geothermal Studies. Ruzo is a National Geographic Explorer and has been on multiple Society funded grants. He is the host of an award-winning NatGeo Latin America television show, Misterios del Inframundo (Mysteries of the Underworld). His work has been featured on various National Geographic Media outlets including the Magazine, television channels, website, social media, and other outlets, as well as branded partnerships with BMW, LEGO, and Coors Light. Ruzo grew up between Peru, Nicaragua and the United States, and is currently based between Miami, USA and Lima, Peru.


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