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Welcome TESOL Colombia V

We are excited to welcome you to the 2022 edition of one of the most innovative ELT events in Latin America. This time the conference is going to be under the motto “Ready for the Phygital ELT Era? Thriving in Disruptive Education”. TESOL Colombia V will continue to include engaging features such as an English Teaching Design Lab, Enhanced Professional development through micro-courses at our ELT Academy, along with TESOL Colombia Awards, and the Technology Hub.

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Submissions are closed for this new chapter of TESOL Colombia.

ELT Academy

Keep in mind that you can take advantage of your time while attending the conference and receive an additional Certificate! In the program, you will find sessions for micro-courses from our professional development portfolio. Be sure to choose the topics that interest you.

English Teaching Design Lab

A Challenge Experience for English teachers is back at TESOL Colombia! It will gather experts in language teaching like you for a hands-on session on problem-solving, ideation, and creativity. Don´t miss out on this thought-provoking idea generation session. Remember to be part of the change. Join Us!

Technology Hub

Do you want to become an innovative teacher? At the Technology Hub, you will find varied resources and new trends in EdTech. You will have access to a parallel program of presentations focused on technology for teaching / learning English.


  • Phygital ELT

  • ELT methodology and approaches

  • Professional Development

  • Assessment and Evaluation

  • Digital Learning and Technologies

  • Intercultural Education

We are looking for  the most outstanding English teachers, impactful institutions, and innovative projects in ELT.

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