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The Technology Hub, held at the TESOL COLOMBIA III conference, is an opportunity to have a taste of what others do at their institutions. Be struck by catchy ideas that you can incorporate into your own teaching context. Pick up some contact information cards, as they may be useful for the future!

Get ready to meet enthusiastic peers who believe that technology enhances learning and teaching.

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Thursday, May 16

6:00 pm – 6:45 pm

Friday, May 17

9:10 am – 10:00 am

Saturday, May 18

10:00 am – 11:00 am


In this version of TESOL COLOMBIA III Technology Hub, several publishers and academic representatives will let you know some trends in technology application. Our exhibitors:


Demo Class TED app
DEMO CLASS TED APP/ POP UP Presentation Teaching Global Citizenship

Learn English with TED Talks is a supplemental resource for students enrolled in English language learning programs. The main idea is to present how it works, and explain to teachers how they can use the app in the classroom.
POP UP Presentation Teaching Global Citizenship
What global citizenship is, what it comprises and how it could be developed in the classroom through a set of activities and practices.

By Camila Díaz, Martha Ferreira, Pompilio Chacón,


What you did not know about TOEFL iBT
During the TECH HUB we will conduct a tour around the main website of ETS and TOEFL iBT so that participants will learn key and useful information for their purposes, also we will share links where they can find tips to prepare students for the test as well as free test preparation sources.

By Sorani Marín and Jair Ayala


Simulacros de exámenes internacionales de ingles online
Por medio de nuestra plataforma se podrán presentar simulacros online de 3 habilidades (Listening, reading y writing) muy similares al examen oficial. Dentro de la plataforma estarán los exámenes de Cambridge for schools y para adultos (A2 KEY, B1 preliminary, B2 first, C1 advanced), el Michigan English test (MET) y el CD IELTS (Académico y General).

By Sergio Salcedo and Karen Flechas

Corporación Gimnasio la Montaña

GLM – How technology is improving our learning.
In the stand, a series of samples and artifacts will reflect the hands-on experience we have at GLM using technology in the English class through Google Classroom, mainly. Additionally, we will share a brief explanation on the technology transversal program we have at school.

By César Augusto García-Herreros Machado


Assessment Tech
We will show our different innovator products in assessment as tell, placement, progress, benchmark and versant. As our certification test, PTE General.

/By Nestor Cortez and Mónica Rodríguez

Cambridge University Press

Be a Digital Leader with Cambridge!
In Cambridge University Press, we aim to support our institutions- customers by empowering people to go beyond the use of digital tools. We aim to make them Digital Leaders. People capable of developing digital and leadership skills. More than technical support, we have developed a full program to help institutions implement the digital strategy according to their context.

By Daniela Duarte

Cambridge Assessment English

Digital Planet For Every Learner, Every Step of the Way
Cambridge Assessment English Digital Planet comprises all our digital resources for teaching, learning and Exams preparation. This presentation activity will take participants through our digital resources based on their actual needs all the way through the teaching/learning process.

By Olga Gualteros

Biblioteca Universidad de La Sabana

Technology from an Academic Library
Technology has always been part of an educative institution library.

By Ricardo Vargas and Catalina Castañeda

Rochester School

The Sound of Fractions
Techno Kids
Creativity in French as a foreign language

A simple way to teach fractions using an iPad application called “Garage Band”.
Preschool students engage ELL through tech in order to create fun projects that deepen their learning experience.
A way to promote creativity and tech integration within a foreign language environment through storyboards.

By Camila Clavijo & Nathaly Font, César Rueda and Fanny Durán

Studium Language Resource and Research Center

About the Language Resource and Research Center

We will show participants a range of technological tools that they can implement in their language lessons. We will share materials (videos and digital learning objects) for participants to download for free and use them in their own institutions.

By Studium team

Centro de tecnologías para la academia

Environments to integrate technology and educative innovation
Several scenarios, that have been developed by the PROVENTUS research, will show how the integration of educational technology transform learning environments. Some good examples come from the use of augmented reality, videogames, digital educational content, among others.

By Oscar Boude, Andres Chiappe, Cristina Hennig, Hugo Rozo, Julia Pineda, Isabel Jímenez, Ana Vargas, Erika Duque, Miguel Cardenas

Corporate Education Solutions

Coderz and GameROI: How can we improve the language development trough STEM and gamified simulators?
How our English Language Learning Solutions in Higher Education, Government, Schools and Corporate (Interactive Learning, Management Systems, Assessments & Certification, Materials, Teacher Training, Implementation and Support Services) works.

Programming is a great skill for anyone to develop 21st century competences, and improve the language development. The basic concepts of programming and gamification should be taught from primary school to university.

By Fredy Aguilar, Giovanna Nammur, Oscar Gelves, Paola Ayola, Angela Avellaneda and Viviana Mosquera

Books and Books LTDA

Books and Books – Innovación y Desarrollo Tecnológico
Books & Books is an academic and innovative company that is committed to the production, development, distribution, and training in the use and the implementation of educational resources in all areas of knowledge and in different formats. Our experience in the academic field has allowed our company to be considered as one of the leaders in terms of digital solutions at national and international level
By Books & Books Team